Launch Your LIFEmap

Why Does This Matter?
Just like using a map or GPS on a trip saves time and energy, having a map for your own life does the same, giving you margin to do and experience more. Learn how to easily create a basic LIFEmap and why it is life-changing.

What Is A LIFEmap?
The LIFEmap is an integral part of the LIFEguide app, as it documents and organizes all of your outcomes from all the different activities giving you more and more clarity on your past, who you are now, and who you desire to be in the future.  It is all-encompassing now, but it started as a simple productivity system on an office wall.  

Walking in, you would see a wall of things you were grateful for.  With a sticky-back chalkboard product, cut it into strips about 2” wide it was easy to “write on the wall” a list of things accomplished, awards received, talents to be built upon, gifts given (even if just great parents) or any other type of “win”.  This is called the Wins-list.

Sitting down at your desk, you would look up to see another list on the wall.  These are the list of dreams or goals you are concentrated on now.  This list is small, never more than five, so they all get attention every day. This is called the Focus-list

And on the third wall to the right of your desk, you would see a longer list of future goals or bucket-list items you have but aren’t allowing yourself to work on yet.  This is called the Dreams-list.

We’ve all probably heard how impactful it is to write things down, especially goals (although I don’t think people really understand how much!), but that’s only a small part of what makes this system so extraordinary.  Let’s dive a little deeper into each list themselves as well as how they all work together.  

As soon as you walk in your office, you get a feeling of gratitude and accomplishment from your Wins-list, which increases energy and confidence to put into your Focus-list. And your focus list is so dialed-in that you have enough attention to make movement each day on every item on there, which allows you accomplish each quicker before attention can wane.   And transitioning between tasks and goals can be taxing, so focusing on fewer, knocking them out and then adding more creates a much higher level of overall accomplishment over the years.  Which brings me to the longer list of goals on your Dreams-list to the right which was constant motivation to finish strong on each item on your Focus-list as the rule is “You can’t don ANYTHING toward an item on your Dream-list until it is moved over to your Focus-list”.  This is more motivating that one would think as those things in life you really want stare at you all day begging you to get an item off of your Focus-list, so they can join.

But, as they say, “That’s not all!”.  It is a cycle.  The feeling of driving through to accomplishment one of those goals and being able to peel it off the wall in front of you and move it over to the wall wins is an amazing feeling, making you want to work even harder to do it again with you next goal. And then there is the re-energizing of picking a new Goal from you Dreams-list and put it right in front of you on your Focus-list.  What a feeling!  

You can even take it to the next level by situating your lists into a hierarchy, so you knew which is the most important, and always start there, asking “What is the most impactful task I can get done today to move this Goal forward?”, and put that on the top of your task list.

This system was where the LIFEmap was born.  Whether you create a life-encompassing one automatically and carry it with you everywhere you go using the LIFEguide app or start with this simple wall system, get your LIFEmap started to day and accelerate your True-happiness!